Scaling objects in Python like using the 'S' key

Hi there,

I’d like to scale several selected objects, while keeping their relative locations. When using the ‘s’ key in Blender, I get the desired effect.

However, when I use Python (Blender 2.49) to scale objects (looping over them and either changing their size or scaling their vertices), it messes up their relative locations.

Any suggestions?

If you scale objects when several objects are selected, they ALL scale using their geometrical center as a group which would lead to changing their locations when scaling. Sooo… you need to scale each object separetely! And pls take special care to have only 1 selected object at a time… Otherwise, you will have unpredictable results on changing locations of the processed objects.


Thanks for your quick reply. It didn’t seem to help, I now solved it by joining the different objects and scaling the joined object.