Scaling only on the Z axis with Point Instance, Geometry Node


I’m sure this is easy but I can’t figure it out. I want to use Geometry Nodes to make a grid of cubes from a subdivided surface using a Point Instance node. I want the cubes to all be the same size for x and y, but with a random z scale. What I’m after is say a 10x10 array of same x,y sized cubes, all with their origin at the same z point as if they’re sitting on the ground, but then with a random and controllable z scale. It seems easy to make everything random but I can’t figure out how to keep the x/y scale isolated form the z. I made This example by hand… Thanks!

Try using the Vector data type on your Attribute Randomize node. Should be able to set the min and max random values for each Axis this way, and just keep the X and Y values set to 1!