Scaling Or Rotating To Bend Finger

I was looking around on BlendSwap and this character design of Finn had a weird setup that I wasn’t used to. Basically it has a bone where you rotate around the finger and it bends the finger like it’s gripping an object. How do I achieve this?

Not sure what your asking… are you asking how you work the Rigg? or how to build the Rigg?

how to create the fingers like that. Rig wise

The fingers on my character work like that by default. I used rigify. It gave me a complete armature with the fingers working just like you described.

I was wanting to learn how to do this by scratch, so that i can maybe apply it in other areas??

this is the Johnathan Williams version

Here is the origional Demitri version

there are some modifications to this that David Ward came up with in a Video that he did… but currently I can’t find it…

I suppose I need to do a video on this because i really like this Hand Rigg settup…
and I too have modified it quite a bit…