Scaling parts when moving bones

Hey everyone.

I’m trying rigging for the first time and I messed something up with my bones. Now when I rotate a bone some objects are scaling. I think I messed things up when I renamed my bones. I had my upper and lower legs bones named backwards. I’m not really sure how to sort things out though… I’ve tried removing my geometry from the wrong Vertex Group and assigning it to the correct one but things are still messed up.

Here’s what’s happening.

I’ve been fighting with this all afternoon and I need a break… Hopefully someone here will have some insight into what’s going on. I’m happy to share any other setting if you can point me to what I should look for.


maybe another bone influences this bolt? In that case try this: select this mesh in Edit mode, in the Vertex Groups panel, on the right of the list, dropdown menu, select Remove From All Groups, then assign it to the bone to which it is supposed to be assigned.

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Thanks @moonboots. I’ll give that a try and see what happens.

I’m part way there… I found that my objects were applied to multiple vertext groups and even hitting remove didn’t fix the issue. I had to go into the “Special” menu and select Delete All Groups.


So, now I don’t have a scaling issue but I am having trouble with assigning parts to new groups…

don’t delete all groups, please cancel and share your file:

Hey Moonboots. I got it sorted out. I deleted the groups with the problematic parts and then re-parented them with empty groups.


I definitely need a little more practice to fully grasp what’s happening but at least things are working now. I’ll have to post some videos once I have some animation tests working.

You could have just removed all vertex groups for the bolt only: just select the vertices of the bolt in Edit mode, go in the Vertex Groups list and choose Remove From All Groups, then you select the vertex group to which it is supposed to be parented to and click on Assign

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