Scaling Problem - I'm working with giants

I’ve modelled game characters. I have a game template. My template is functionally smooth and well debugged. I have constraints that I’m not inspired to change.

However my characters aren’t well suited to importing into my game scale. They tower above everything, and their difference in scale is also a shocking thing at first.

Is there some utility I can add on to use a measurement standard across my files to debug my models?


So then why do these measurements all start with relative zero?

I ask again; is there a utility that can give me a measurement of my scale that will be anchored to the same across my different models?

It is also possible that game doesn’t use single scale.

So it is best to look known lengths and estimate scale. There is measure tool side of Blender viewport.

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If everthing is at scale 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 then it is in the same scale… you only have to find the correct scale according to your other models once …maybe using one export scale in blender… for exampl 0.1 if 10x bigger… or an import scale in the engine ??