Scaling the camera

Hi, I was able to scale the camera but that did not change anything in the render. I dont understand why this scaling is there. Can some one explain me what does this do? Thanks.

You’re right - it doesn’ t DO anything.
Its just so that you can set the camera object size if you are using a very big or a very small viewport zoom. Easier to see it and pick it out.

Oh ok. Thanks much…

Actually, if you are making a game, you don’t want the camera to go through a wall, so you logic-brick it so it collides and recorrects itself. If the camera was too big, then you’d have crazy collisions all over the place.

Ok ok… This is nice. So it means it is better to have camera size as small as possible. right? Thank you for the reply.

…only better if you’re doing games. If not, you just scale it to your needs.

//The M.h.p.e.