Scaling to selection/to cursor

Third time it happens to me: I’m scaling a lot of things, entering the numbers on the keyboard, like “.9”, say; and then I seem to hit a wrong key, some key near the [.], that changes my scaling mode so that the cursor is the center. Haven’t found how to change back to scaling relative to selection, so I end up, from then on, having to hit Shift-S-> Cursor to Selection, before every scaling…
Another scaling question: Is there a way of scaling multiple primitives to their own individual centers in one shot?

Answer to both your questions, I think:

(it is about rotating, but scaling is the same)

Or see the latest docs in the wiki: Rotating and Scaling Objects

Not mentioned on either of these pages is that , and . (comma and dot) are shortcut keys for these modes - , is rotate around centre point, and . is rotate around cursor.

Thanks all! And nice to know, finally, where to find the docs :slight_smile: Must have looked for them like 7 times.