Scaling to zero

Why is it that when I say scale something to 0 on an axis the mesh folds flat and I can’t scale it back out? I don’t think it was always like this and I see how it can be useful but is there someway to turn it off, it’s been quite the hindrance to me personally.(2.48a)

Once you’ve fully scaled it to 0, the shape is completely gone, and it’s just a pile of vertices that are exactly on top of one another.

There’s not any way to scale it back out, short of undoing.

you can always do Ctrl-Z to undo thing if your are still in the edit sequence

otherwise the dit memory has been lost


Dilation works with multiplication. If you scale a 2 BU object by a factor of 0 you get 2*0=0. With a dimension of 0, no matter what factor you try to use, you won’t be able to scale out due to the zero-product property.

use shape keys