Scaling with Axis Constraint

Here’s what my tutorial wants me to do. It’s not making any sense to me.

Let’s take a moment to position our 3D cursor so that scaling does what we want it to do. If your simple person is in wireframe mode in the 3D Viewport, hit ZKEY so that they appear solid. Make sure you’ve deselected everything with the AKEY. Select the edges just above the “hips” of our person, where the legs connect to the torso. Now press SHIFT-S. This time, select Cursor->Selection. The 3D cursor will end up right between the two hips.

I did this and saw it work. The next part is whre I’m confused.

Select the edges on the underside of each of their arms where the arms connect to his torso (yes, they’re armpits, the edges run from front to back) one at a time. You can select more than one edge at a time by holding down SHIFT while selecting the other edges. Be sure that you have individually selected both armpits before proceeding. (You can press MMB to rotate the view to more easily select the edge.) The edge glows a golden yellow when selected, as shown in the image:

You’ll notice that by default, when you’re editing in solid mode, you cannot see or select the vertices, edges, or faces that are on the back side of the model as you could when you’re in wireframe mode. This can be toggled by clicking the “Limit selection to visible” button located on the header of the 3D Viewport to the right of the Vertex, Edge and Face selection mode buttons (while in Edit and Solid mode).
With the two edges selected, hit the SKEY to scale it. While scaling, press CTRL to scale uniformly in increments of one-tenth (.1). Scale it until it says 3.500 on the 3D Viewport header for Size X, Size Y, and Size Z (left-hand sign of Header as you scale).

So, I have both the hips and the armpit selected. Now I did the SKey & CTRL however it wont allow me to get to 3.500. Only 3.000 or 4.000. And by doing this…it’s shinking the torso. And even at 3.500…that’s way too small of a torso. The tutorial picture doesn’t look changed in the torso.

Here’s the tutorial I’m on so you can see:

Thanks for your help. You guys rock!

P.S. Please remember when you explain something that I’m a newbie. An excited one at that!

Did you remember to hold down the control key?

The blender wikibook is a little outdated, so i suggest you check your blender version. what is it?

My guess is you’re going the wrong direction, and it’s actually saying 0.300 instead of 3.000. Because that would explain both the shrinking and the incrementing. It increments by tenths of a unit, so the one below 0.400 would be 0.300. And that would make it smaller.

Do what you did, except push your mouse in the opposite direction to make the thing get bigger, instead of smaller.

or you could type in the value…

Yes, I held down the control key.

I’m using ver. 2.41.


How ya doing dude?

The tutorial calls for 3.500 for all 3 axis.

I just tried to do it. But for some reason when I select the edges for the hips or armpit (Or any where else), it’s selecting more than it should. Any ideas?

First of all, are you in edge select mode? In edit mode, there are some little buttons, one with dots, one with two diagonal lines, and one with a triangle. You should have the diagonal lines clicked. If you do, you should be able to select the edges and nothing else. Then select by clicking the right mouse button on the edges you want to select. If you’re in solid mode, you need to make sure you’re at a good angle to click the edge properly, and if you’re in transparent mode, you need to be careful not to click stuff you dont’ want. If you select things you don’t mean to, you can unselect them by right clicking (while holding shift) on them again. Practice selecting and unselecting until you get the hang of it.

When you hit the s-key, your mouse will scale the selection. Depending on the direction you move the mouse, it will scale up or scale down. This has nothing to do with the axis. If you press the s-key only, the default is all axes (you need to press xkey, ykey, or zkey after the skey to specify an axis… shift xkey will scale all but x axis, etc…). So press the s-key and move your mouse around a little to get the hang of how the thing scales. Another thing: the scaling also depends on what you have selected as the pivot. You should have “median point” selected as the pivot… you select this in the little drop down a little to the right of the mode drop down. If you have median point selected, then after you press the s-key, the selection will get smaller as your mouse moves toward the object, and larger as your mouse moves away from the object.

If you have control held down while moving the mouse, the increments will be in .1 whether you are going smaller or larger. So go larger until you get to 3.5. (You’ll start at 1.0, which means 100 percent of the original size. 3.5 means three and a half times the size of the original size).

Hope this helps.