Scaling with imported SVG is weird

Using Illustrator to make shapes, I’ve found that the locations of the points are very oddly proportioned in Blender. for example a <rect width=“100” height=“100”/> creates 4 corners: (0, 0), (100, 0), (100, 100), (0, 100)

the vector at (100, 100) comes into blender at (.02822, .02822). what’s worse, when scaled up 10000 times, the location of the point is (282.228, 282.1684) meaning it’s no longer a square and the original, prescaled decimal doesn’t even show the complete number.

How can I get blender to take the scale in SVG of 100 to something basic like “1” or “.01”? Are there settings in Blender? or if not, what can I do to set up Illustrator to work with basic base 10 numbers but output in this weird blender ratio?

Thanks in advance