Scaling your worl in Blender

When working in blender do you work in real word units or do you start creating and scale everything based on what is being drawn? If you base it on what your drawing how do you maintain the scale between items? If you doing in real world units I.E. 1’-2" how do you input it?

The units in blender are completely arbitrary. This means if you want them to be kilometres, they’re kilometres, if you want them to be yards, they’re yards, etc. So, pick a base unit to work in (i.e., feet), then inches become 0.0833333. If you choose an SI based unit, entering multiples is easy of course (i.e., if I choose kilometres as my base unit, then a metre is 0.001 and a micrometre is 0.000001).

I hope this helps. In other words, it’s a pain to use units that aren’t multiples of ten.

Depends on what I’m doing. When creating a character I find it more easy to just work on the shapes and proportions. If everything looks right to me I scale it down and apply size. When I’m doing stuff like furniture or rooms I usually run through the house with a folding rule or browsw in furniture catalogues and then try to rebuild it in blender.