Is it possible to scale an extrusion (from an asymmetrical object) so that all extruded vertices are the same distance from their parent vertices? I would like to use this to bevel.
This is easy to do with objects of radial symmetry (circle, sphere, square, etc.), but more difficult and time-consuming with complex objects. I know the bevel function does this, but only if faces are present, and then all the faces of the object.

uhh, alt+s [try it]

other than that, I don’t think so

[your request isn’t very clear]

Alt+S doesn’t do what I was looking for. I’ll try to explain it more clearly, using a rectanlge for example. If I want to bevel a square, I’ll just extrude then scale the extrusion. All the edges of the extruded part are equidistant from the edges of the original sqaure. Doing this extrude+scale with a rectangle results in the two shorter edges being further away from the originals than the two longer, extruded edges, are. How can I scale so that every new edge is the same distance from the original edge? I want to use this for complex object bevelling. Thanks.

With all verticies selected, hit W and select Bevel?

In it’s present implementation the selection of verts is not a factor for Bevel. It operates on all edges and on all but the simplest shapes it creates many needless edges. I’d go for the “Bevel Center” script (it’s bundled with Blender at this point).