Scalling a Procedural Stars World in Cycles

Hiya guys!!!

I found this tutorial ( for a space project I’m working on, now here’s my problem…I got the Earth and Moon with the Procedural Stars working, but the stars are too large for a convincing scene, so my question is…1)is there a way to scale the procedural stars as a whole via a node setup or change individually each node group for the stars, and 2) if I wished to make the stars into an HDRI image can it be done?

I’ve tried different camera lens setups I’ve even increased the size of the meshes, but in doing so I start getting black screens or even crashes, I’ve even tried rendering in CPU and GPU.

Blender 2.70
AMD Phenom 8650 Triple Core 2.3Ghz
Windows Vista x64 SP2
8Gb Ram
EVGA GT520 2Gb
over 100Gb of free space for swap files

Any pointers would be great…thanks in advance for your help!!

easiest way is to create your own procedural texture from their setup… pretty much go into the node editor, delete their setup, add in a group > big dots group, plug the output straight into a background shader, and the output from the background shader into the world output… then mess around with the scales from the nodegroup yourself

Image #6 of at the link you posted shows the nodes that control the star size. Try changing the scale values for those nodes to make smaller stars.

Thanks guys for the tips!!! I went with @doublebishop’s solution, at the end it looks much more convincing and I have control over the stars’ size as well. Only problem is that if I use i.e. a 300mm focal length I have to fix the size of them, but never mind @ least it’s easier than going through each star groups adjusting them as needed. as I would have to do with the original node setup (image #6).

Now with regards to question #2, can I make a HDRI image out of the results once I’m happy with the size of the stars and thus avoiding the issue that if I use different focal lengths I have to resize the stars (I hope I make sense :confused:)

Couldn’t you just duplicate the camera and convert the new one into a panoramic and then render a still?

I’ll give it a try, still learning some compositing and post processing, although I’ve come long way since I began using Blender last year…still a lot of nooks and crannies to explore and learn :smiley:

I’ll post soon with the results…thanks @Atom

I did what you said @Atom, it worked like a charm, still there’s the issue with the sizing the background still image, but not a biggie anymore as I can play around with the panoramic camera to approximate the final size and re-render the still to get the required scale.