Scandanavian Loft Living

Hey guys, I’m working on a new project, this is part of the loft where the office is situated.
What do i need to improve on?
I mainly need tips on creating a more realistic look, is there anything in particular that makes the image look fake?
Any Feedback is Greatly appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey friend!

The main thing that I noticed is that everything is incredibly smooth in terms of materials. I would suggest adding bump maps (ie. a noise bump map to the brick and normals for the wood. Also, I would focus on what you want to say with the lighting. This is more of a storytelling thing, but is it a melancholy Scandinavian winter day? If so, the lighting would be a bit more bluish and the scene would not be as bright. Think of where the light sources are and make that where the light comes from. Check out some photo reference.

Hope it helps!

I noticed that the sun squares on the floor, dont match the sky you see in the windows.

You could add a bookshelf,which will improve your scene. I don’t know why there are logs on the right side,maybe replacing them with something else might work better. Overall,it’s pretty nice.
You could also visit this site for ideas.

Not sure what it is, but the whole scene has a kind of miniature-ish feeling to me, almost like looking into a dollhouse. I can only assume that this is caused by the relative sizes of the objects in the scene compared to each other…?

Take e. g. the storage boxes (right, behind the logs) in relation to chair and desk - either the boxes are huge or chair and desk are tiny. Or take chair and desk in relation to the texture sizes of floor and wall? Dunno… Can’t really put my finger on it…

Some lighting changes