Scandinavian chair

I made this after feeling inspired by Bertrand Benoit’s work. :slight_smile: I feel like this is my first project where I got the DOF right. Rendered in Cycles at 2000 samples. What do you think?

It’s quite good. The depth of field is probably too shallow though, the backing on the chair is lost. Also the background is really noisy, you can just run post filters on that, but it stands out. Besides that modeling and textures are great, with the exception of the wood floor which looks jagged and sharp and unfinished (straight from the mill) and doesn’t feel right.

I like it, but I agree with what Photox said. Also the carpet should be less regular. But with those improvements it would really be a very good render! :slight_smile:

Nice work! :slight_smile: But the books on the floor seem like they are floating.

Thanks! That’s Cycles fault :wink: No but really, I don’t know how to fix that.