"Scandinavian Interior"

Hi everyone ,

I hope you like my last personnal work in scandinavian style .
Improvement and suggestion are welcome .
the mood and style are inspired by ektor studio (french interior architect)

Blender + Cycles : 3000 samples 20min 3xGTX980 no post-production .


The render looks very good.
I think the handle of the green bag would hang and not stand upright.

I realy love the colors and design. But one thing that disturbs me are the folds (should I call it?) in the carpet. I know you made it to prevent the flat-looking carpet, but it’s over-done and takes too much attention.

Really nice work! Nice light and contrast.
Have you tried the denoiser build? You could tune down the samples count and get a much smoother image, if not used too aggressively.

Though if i remember correctly it has bugs with multi GPUs you should test it with a single one.

thanks eyalmu and yes you’r totally right the fold in the carpet is over-done ! i actually learn marvelous designer for rug curtain etc but it is not so simple to do the good result ! (sorry for my english)

thanks marco and i never tried denoiser build but 20min is trully acceptable

wow great work man… with post pro wow… perfect lighting…
wish I can make something like this soon hehe :smiley:
good job!!

Really nice. Loved the textures (the textures of the walls are really good, they really standout on the close up shots). Nice work also on the curtains. Kudos!

Thanks SKWORLD i like your work too (festival of color is very good)

Great Job! ¿How do you made the sunlight?

hi thanks ! just an hdri and sun lamp 10cm with a little bit of ambient occlusion !

Nice work!! good use of light & materials.


Whoa, great job! :slight_smile: How do you reduce noise?

Very nice! With postprod. these would be like mindblow!

Whoua Thanks you all for your encouraging comment !

Thank you mardybum ! For reducing noise i use just one bounce min max hdri + ambient occlusion

Very nice work! I like the clean bright lighting look :slight_smile:

Am I crazy, or are some of those textures from Architecture Academy? :smiley:

Thank you Andrew you made my day !

Yes you’r right some of texture come from Architecture Academy and poliigon (pattern)

I need to thank you one more time for all your tutorial and stuff like architecture academy !


very nice modern design and luxury . I wish I had a house like that

very nice modern design and luxury . I wish I had a house like thatvery nice modern design and luxury . I wish I had a house like that

Fantastic looking render, what HDR are you using?