Scandinavian kitchen

Here is what i have working on the last 2 weeks.
All renders between 1200 and 1600 samples.
Feel free to give critique

To more renders.

Its really beautiful and all those details, on the 2 image the DOF is making my eyes hurt thought.

Excellent work lucblend :slight_smile:

Great render! Look completely real. I love the detail. The only thing I don’t like is the cupboards on the left. They look plain and simple. One of them should be open a little, IMO.

gorgeous! nice

Very nice, but I have a question. How do the knives stay on the holder? It looks almost like its meant to be magnetic or something.

Really nice, you captured a very contemporary look :slight_smile:

A couple of crits: The liquid in your bottles defy gravity and the stone wall looks 2 dimensional, almost like wall paper.

The lighting looks a little harsh in the first couple of renders, but thats personal preference, to me your latest 2 renders look the best.

very realistic, subtle lighting,tasteful is the spotlights under cupboards done?and where is the stone wall tex avlbl.

this is a typical image where a microdisplacement make the difference.
I think that it’s a great image well done but the first thing that my eyes found strange and CGish is the stone wall.
I hope that cycles will have someday a good displacement solution because, not only in this case, it a needed feature.

The other thing upgradable are the spotlights.
Have you already tried some IES lamps??

Thanks all for yours critique and comments. :slight_smile: I appreciate that.

Deltaray: Yes it stays because it is magnetic.
Rusted: The spotligt is an IES-light. I used the IES-addon.
Marcatore: I agree with you. Maybe i should have used reel displacement also, and not only the DISP in the materials.
The spotlamp is actually an IES-lamp. Downloadet it here

Great work, I’d love to see the camera taking a few slow relaxing flights trough the scene! :slight_smile:
Very experimental wine bottle holder! :eek:

look really good,
can you share your hardware configuration and rendertime please

i like the post production

I like most the materials and the light but the whole kitchen is cool. Looks like a small space well spent.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Amigoface1975: My computercpec is nothing special. But i hvae to computers. TRhe spec is:
Computer 1


  • Computer: GA_MA790XT-UD4P
  • Cpu: AMD Phenom II X3 720
  • Ram: 8192 MBytes DDR3
  • Graphics: Nivida GeForce GTX 460
  • Disk: Samsung 830 SSD
  • Monitor: HP 2310 LCD 23

Computer 2


  • Computer: AsusTek INC
  • Cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2,4GHz
  • Ram: 8192 MBytes DDR3
  • Graphics: Nivida GeForce 7300 GT
  • Disk: Samsung HD103SJ ATA Aevice (SATA)
  • Philips: IPS LED 23

Very nice kitchen and renders. Olive bottle should not so much transparent.

Photo 2, i don’t know how it keep for knives… unless there is an element such as magnet who “sticks” them, otherwise your various images are fine as render !

My butcher has one of those magnetic strip knife hangers on his wall. Very cool.

I think the oven door is too transparent. Something about keeping heat in the oven rather than radiating it into the room (although this may be a feature rather than a bug in Scandinavia…) Also, the hanger for the spoons should be a few centimetres higher so the support bolts are drilled into the rock rather than the mortar (as it now is on one end).

The hood over the range needs to be moved up half a meter or more. As it is now someone cooking on the stove top would look down at the top of the hood rather than at the pots on the stove, unless they are very short.

Nice render. Only thing that caught my eye was the oven. It’s a little too see through and there’s no reflection. Maybe the opacity can be changed? It looks like the sides are more gray and the middle is completely see through. Otherwise, I love it, all your objects in the scene look well built.