Hallo Bender lovers,

this is my first posting here: it’s about a project I started with Architect Antonio delle Foglie.
Among his jobs, he is actually busy studying how to refurbish - nicely and properly - an existing apartment in Rome. We often see beautiful images in Interior Design, were the artist is free to create what he wants & feels, without limitations. In real life, though, the Pro is always confronted with limitations: in this case, the apartment has its existing measures, and that was Antonio’s challenge. Once I saw it, I liked his model as a clean and pleasant setup, using space and existing structures cleverly. He developed the project in 3dS Max, and he asked me to work with him so to show the Client a ‘warmer’ look&feel than what an architectural image usually offers. As a benchmark we decide to work on the Kitchen.
So, I imported the model in Blender (2.74) and started adding some ‘details’ (some taken from the web, some modelled by myself), tweaking them so to adapt to the general context. I applied Textures, and Materials, and Lighting, inspired by the beautiful ‘Scandinavian’ project by Mr. “Lechu”. Of course, I’ve played a bit with all the various stuff (that’s why our 3d Software was called ‘Blender’, perhaps?), and the result is this:

We loved the outcome - we named it ScandItalian, as a homage to Mr. “Lechu” -, so we take some other shots of the Kitchen, which you may check on my site, here:

My Behànce site

Some data:

Rendered in Cycles, No Compositing, No AfterEffects, just Cycles’ output.
Dimensions:2000x2000px, 32bit
Samples: 4096
Bounces: Diffuse 6, Glossy 4, Transmission 2
Camera: Arri Alexa; Gamma 1.6, Look Canon Optura 981111 (thanks Mr. “Lechu” !)
HW: Intel 3770-i Quad core, 32GB Ram, Nvidia GEForce 650 Ti 2Gb.
Render Time: approx 8 hours

The Client is happy, and we also received some positive reviews by architectural world in Italy and in France.

A part from that, I’m very happy about my Blender experience: our Software is a nice and powerful tool.

Thank you…and greetingsfrom the ScandItalian team!

I do apologize, since I was not aware that as a noob on the Forum I was not allowed to insert a Link (in my case, pointing to my Behance Portfolio).
So - for those who might find our work interesting - here’s a couple of Rendering shots for our ScandItalian:

We’ll be delighted to read your comments about our work, bad or good as well!

Thank you,