Scanline Flowline Hydro fluid dynamics for viz fx. :o :o

Wow!!! The oil/fire clip is unreal!!!


Those clips are amazing. I thought I was watching some excellent compositing in the shark one but it says all of the clips are 100% CG!!! :o

The fire and fluid sims are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Good find Sonix.


Exploding sharks! Wheeeeeeeee!!! :smiley:


Okay, all we need is a plug-in for Blender to use this beast… :Z

And the money to buy it. I don’t think this is free (no info on site). From their webstie, this looks to me like something coupled with their support service. I may be way off, I’m just basing it on their website, since I’m too lazy to do a Google search right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant see it since im on linux… it can play some quicktime videos, just not that one =P. Anyone willing to convert the file to avi and upload it to my site, or take a few screen shots for me cheesy grin =)

Oh and you missed this part

Not only does this bad boy produce realistic effect such as fire, it only increases your render time by 168 hours per frame! how amazing is that boys and girls?

the software is not distributed, I am afraid.

you just hire them and they use their software to fit your task.


For Linux users try these divx files. Click on the free button when you get to the screen and choose the download link at the bottom after the specified time. They are about 7MB each. Maybe try running Windows Quicktime under WINE.

The thing about the 168 hours render time. I doubt that’s real-time. It’ll be CPU time. I think the Pixar render times were similar for Finding Nemo.

that’s just soo cool its painful.

But then… we’ve got our first fluid dynamics now… give it time :wink:

Yeah Nils fluids isn’t too far off from this - biggest need is to add animatable collision objects, and the ability to interact with the particle system.


the software is not distributed, I am afraid.

you just hire them and they use their software to fit your task.


Wow, the water is really good… The fire looks pants though(IMO)… thanks for the converted files =)

I made up the 168 hours as a joke though, lol… ^^;;

Yeah, those movies look extremely good… But, just give me a few more weeks, then you can do that in Blender, afterwards the Blender Foundation can buy Autodesk and then… Sorry, got carried away there :slight_smile:

But seriously, I think the fluid simulation is not too far off, as LetterRip mentioned. They make really good use of particle effects in combination with the simulation, thats definitely missing.

Yeah, it really is :eek:. Also the fluid dynamics right now doesn’t, in my knowledge, have a way to have the fluid expand well. Although I am playing around with it. I’m sure we’d apreciate a few tips and/or tricks posted somewhere on fluid dynamics with atleast some pyrotechincs.

Do you know what today’s date is?

Those are amazing… I tried making an air simulation in the Blender fluid simulator, and it looked good except that it stuck to the walls to much.