Scanned images alignment


I have been playing with Blender for several years. Nevertheless, I am stil newbie.

I wonder if there is a way to align individual frames in video sequence editor, or in compositor?

Let’s say I scan some hand drawn footage and want to align motiv (drawn character) in single frames so it would not “shake” too much when rendered.

I googled for it but no luck. The same thing what I am looking for is possible to do, for example, in Ad. After Affects so would that be possible in Blender?
I am aware that both tools are very different and for different purpose.

Thank you very much

You can. If you have your image selected, at the right, you should find the panel “Strip Input”, under that you can check “Image Offset”. You can now change the x and y values to move the image to where you want it on screen. You can keyframe this.

However, afaik, at least until Blender 2.63, there is a bug where checking this value resizes the image in the viewer. Rendering still works fine, but you can’t work like that. To work around that, shift-a to add an “Effect Strip>Adjustment Layer” and make sure that is on a separate layer, on top of all the images you want to adjust.
Then, just do the same thing as described, check “Image Offset” in the “Strip Input” panel, and keyframe the x and y values for each frame.

Or load the image sequence into Movie Clip editor (tracker) and perform a 2D stabilize on the clip. Then add the Movie Strip back to the VSE and turn on the 2D stabilize that you added in the other editor.

“Then, just do the same thing as described, check “Image Offset” in the “Strip Input” panel,”

You mean “Strip input” panel for the adjustment layer, not the image panel?

Yes, on the Adjustment layer. See in my screenshots, I have that selected.

Or what 3pointEdit said, but I personally have no experience with the stabilizing features, so I don’t know which method is better (or gives you more control).

You have been most helpful. Thanks