Scanned Portrait

I’ve finished a new Portrait. :slight_smile:

Photoscanned With a Nikon D5300 and 130 Pictures. Processed in RealityCapture.
Wrap3 to project the Scan to my Basemesh.
All of the rest done in Blender and Rendered with Cycles.

1500 samples and Denoised. Took around 2 Hours to Render.


Wow! looks clean and refined. How much it takes to turn phostoscan to such level? I am imagine that is not straight forward process that most of people think of :stuck_out_tongue:
I love those extra details, facial hairs, jewelery, top and eyes looks great. One thing that draws my eyes is the upper edge of hairs, it looks a bit too clean and sharp. But still great job! Final render is really photorealistic, good to see that in proper hands Blender can reach that quality. Are you familiar with work of [Kris “Antropus” Costa]? Since he is an incredible portrait artist its worth checking him out. Respects :slight_smile:

Hey thank you for your kind Words :slight_smile:
Nope its really not straight forward. In fact there were 2 scan sessions one for just the Head and then the Body. I could have did it in 1 session but at first i just wanted to get a good Head. That turned out quite well so i decided to make a complete portrait.

My Scans arent that detailed and i had to clean up alot.
The Head was projected in Wrap3 to a basemesh. Then i rigged it just simlpy with rigify and placed it like the body scan and sculpted the body to match the scan. The Dress was retopologized. For the Textures i used the new UDIM feature to get 2 8K Textures for Head and Body. That was really useful cause you can draw over both UDIM Tiles to hide the seam.
For the Face details i used the Diffuse map as Bump to have the original wrinkles and pores and enhanced it with microdisplacement from TexturingXYZ.

Yes the upper part of the Hair was sadly unavoidable. I tried so many things to get it more random but the Hair Clumps were always flat, I could randomize X and Y but not in Z direction…or maybe i just dont know how :roll_eyes:

Yea i know Kris Costa, I`m always amazed by his Work :grinning:


Good job! Thanks for detailed process description. Appreciated.

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Insane work of refining the model. Great. Incredible.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, stay safe and have a great weekend!

Thank You :smiley:

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