Scanning beam??


I am a beginner with Blender, however it’s a work situation, and I have been asked to model an eyeball and scanning rig. In particular I would be grateful for some pointers to tutorial, or suggestions, on how to go about creating a scanning beam rig as follows:
There’s also talk, if I am successful in animating it, to try linking it to the game engine interactively. Although I haven’t begun reading up on that as yet, however, if the construction methods lent themselves to that, it would be a bonus.

Thanks for any help.
John Montgomery, Glassel, Scotland.

Does this have to work interactively in Blender for your purposes? In other words, do you just need to make it work this way in a pre rendered video that you show in a presentation? Or do you need to be able to sit down with Blender and show people how this process works?

I don’t understand what your asking, do you want to know how to have the cylinder move around the pivot?
clarify and i’ll edit this to answer you.


I’ve put together a quick .blend. Not sure if it will be of help but I think it’s what you’re after. It uses the shrinkwrap modifier. You won’t be able to use this particular technique with the game engine though.

Edit: Rotate the Empty called Pivot to see the effect of moving the red cylinder.


eye.blend (287 KB)

I think what you need is to parent the cylinder to the eye, and then there you go.

EDIT: wait, you want a beam too? hmm, then maybe make a half transparent reshaped cube or plane. Sorry my description probably made you more confused…

Use radiosity and a pin-hole camera design. Pretty pricey cpu-wise, but probably your best bet.

Hello, and thanks everyone for your replies.

blazer003: It’s actually both, but pre-rendered is the “must have”.

Avenger96: thanks, but I think the yellow plane wouldn’t bend? It would have to be cloth or a light beam, or something, to follow the walls of the eye?

rawpigeon: Thank you, I will look at your model following this reply.

rvngizswt: Imagine the dotted line on my drawing is a solid wire attaching the cylinder to the yellow rectangle, through the pivot at the centre. When you move the cylinder, the yellow rectangle will also move - pivotted at … the pivot :slight_smile:

mtracer: Radiosity and a pin-hole camera design - wouldn’t beaming through the lense distort the rectangle? Also, I haven’t mentioned it, but, this is to illustrate an ultrasound scanner, and it is actually also used against the opaque areas of the eye wall, which (I think?) would block out the rays?

John Montgomery, Glassel, Scotland.

Hope this helps?

Similar to a solution posted above but everything follows the red cylinder.

Not sure what the deal with the yellow rectangle is weather it should be just a rectangle or some form of light shining through but just stuck with the diagram originally shown.


eyething.blend (101 KB)

Thanks Rawpigeon and Odeas,

How cool is that!?
It’s just what I’m looking for.
I’ll get back if I have trouble ‘reverse engineering’ your solution.

John Montgomery, Glassel, Scotland.