Scar-H Model, Need help.

i have a scar-H model that im working on, is there anyone who can make a realistic iron sights and or Barrel for a Scar-H assault rifle?
these are some pictures of the type of barrel i was wanting. if this is ok please help. and sorry i did not have any pictures of iron sights i will hopefully tomarrow or the day after, im kind of in a rush right now.


These are a few pictures of the type of sights im looking for.


Is this for a project or personal project? I may be able to help you how long do i have my time is kind of limited

are you still looking to have this modeled?

hey Blenderjourney,

yes accualy i am. are you interested in maybe helping me out here? if so THAT BE AWSOME!


Have you had this modeled yet wissky? I Specialize in weapons etc…

sadly no i have not had anyone model this for me. would you be willing to help?