Scar-L Gun (Almost Done!)

Check this Render in Blender 2.65! Scar-L Gun! Comment Please! Created by Lee Davis. Check back for the finished result.

This image is created solely for Blendidea (2013)

Nice start. Obviously without shaders I can really only comment on the physical correctness of the model.

You certainly captured the unmistakable look of the SCAR-L without much physical accuracy. This could have been a conscious decision on your part in order to create a caricature.

Using reference pictures not only showing the side, I would pay more attention to the areas where the stock telescopes, the rail, and shape of the upper receiver.

Then I would add more details, like the brass deflector, fire selector switch, etc.

Check some more out fresh off the assembly line. Updated Renders!


You’d better show your model with a simple diffuse material, it’s quite hard to see the details with such a strong light and a mirror-like shader. And can we see some wireframes ? :slight_smile:

Here it is in Wireframe. Will upload more!

Heres another image of the gun. I added a scope a light and a laser. Enjoy. More to come.

Another View. Need to improve lighting

Another View!

heres the latest update

Here another view from the side. camo edition. Still working hard on it.