Scar Memoir Game. Can you help?

Hey fellow BlenderHeads,

Monsta Arts Studios is working on a game project and could use your help if you feel up to the challenge.

The game has an overall steam punk feel to it and crosses the boundaries of fantasy and steam punk. I am working on creating the game world in Unity with the help of BlendSwap. I know there isn’t a lot of details here but they are in the works. My writer and I had a great meeting this morning and should be posting some of the base storyline very soon.

Anyway the reason I am starting this thread is to share the progress of the game with the Blender Community. I am making every effort to share as much of the game with the Blender and Unity communities as is legally possible. I am already planing on using several models from the BlendSwap site.

How can you help? Well I have a 3 requests at the moment.

  1. Armor, character and weapons concept art. As of this time there will be no guns in the game but all other weapons are fair game.

  2. Lighter than air ships concept art or models. Small one and 2 man ships, (think motorcycle and speedboat for size). Also large air ships, ones that would actually haul cargo

Now I know I haven’t given you many details, but that is somewhat on purpose. I would like to see what comes out of your heads with just a few details. I will be posting more details about the game world as they get finalized. I want to see what the community comes up with and use whatever fits. Everything will be shared under Creative Commons License. Drop in what ever you have that fits the categories and we will try to get it to fit.

  1. We have started a crowd funding page to get this project off the ground. There are a couple of incentives there that may be worth a few dollars for you. Let me know what other incentives might make you consider investing in the project.

As I mentioned before all of the assets and code created for this project will be made available for the community. Please consider helping us.

You can find more details at There you can find some very early sneak peaks into the project. (I tried to insert the images into this post but it didn’t want to work. )

Thank you and enjoy


The Tutorial and early levels Land Mass.

The five tribes with body size and symbol.

Anyone got any ideas on the lighter then air ships yet? Would love to see what you all have in your heads.