Scarlet fanart, character of @RiikkaPaints

Another piece for my “3D illustration-ish look for use in video games” study.

I absolutely love the work of Riikka Auvinen and figured sculpting one of their characters would be both great study material and lots of fun - and indeed it was both! The goal of the project was to make the transition to Blender 2.8 and do more work on the texturing process - to set up the shadows, add procedural textures and finish it off with an additional hand painted layer. Additionaly, to pick up speed in the workflow. Sadly, I could not bake the shadows from Eevee, their edge is supposed to have a slight gradient, yet while that won’t be visible here, I do know how to reproduce that in UE4, so the study still holds true.

This is a character by Riikka Auvinen - their work is absolutely amazing and a real gem, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I cannot recommend it enough:

Also available on Sketchfab:


nice work !!!

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