Scarlet Fire - 2D Game WIP

Hey guys, I recently bought an NES and one of the games I got with it was Gradius and it inspired me to make this game.

I still have yet to chose a title for the game but I have come up with a list of names I like, using a name generator. They include

  • Scarlet Fire
  • First Dawn
  • Infinite Steel
  • Cold Wings
  • Iron Flare
  • Mercury Fire

Fell free to suggest a name you like for it too.

If you want to help out to make this game with creating the art or music for it, that would be wonderful. You might even get some profit from it if the game sells.


Now the game includes bosses, better sounds, more enemies, the enemies shoot, a menu, a leaderboard, and a few other things

Any suggestions?

One suggestion I have is to end your bullets when they hit an enemy. It looks odd when they just spear through things and move on to their next job like a contractor with an unusually high work ethic.

I’d also recommend a change of that terrain in the background, looks pretty bad compared to the decent artwork of everything else. Also, why is it so bright if it’s nighttime? =P

Other than that, it looks awesome! The sound fits, the sprites (or models? Can’t tell) are well-done, and the gameplay looks solid!

Thanks for the suggestion. I made the bullets keep flying so that you can get a multiple hit combo if you hit the same type of spaceship more than once. if you hit one type and then a different type, the bullets end. The terrain is just a place holder and I will find some better pictures to use. In space, it is always nighttime but the sun reflects off the spaceships.

But if there’s a horizon line, especially one with flora on it, then I’d assume you’re within the atmosphere of a planet and there can technically be a nighttime. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I think that the game will generate random terrains so that the player fly in and out of atmospheres.