Scarlet Letter Book, images

For school I was required to read the book, The Scarlet Letter.

One of many projects we were told to do was visually show a chapters symbols in a picture… so of course blender I used…

some symbols are:

Hesters letter as the big golden A
Hesters sinless child in the small A
Citizens as those gostly figures with light gazes
Dimmsdale as a citizen with a red A and red gaze
Chillingworth as a wedding band with a heart with green gaze
and of course the setting (I kinda hurried with the houses, but my teacher liked them best, go figure)

Also for The Scarlet Letter I had to make a poster about a famous person and a crime they commited with a quick caption on the letter I picked for their crime, I did DeLorean for drug trafficing, so I picked D…

I got fancy with my letter too… sooo… (I like the black backround spot the best… heh)

(see attached image)

Feel free to comment on either… and I hope you read the book, otherwise, your lost I bet…


I’d say the A is overly fancy… it took me a few seconds to realize it was supposed to be a letter. It’s certainly a nice mesh though.

The rest looks all right but I don’t like the lighting.

yea, I agree with you… after I printed it out I kinda thaught that also…

Thank you for your comment.

wow. you really showed the symbolism of the book through your work. especially Dimmesdale and the crowd. :smiley:

i just read The Scarlet Letter this year in school. it’s hard to comprehend at times but it is definitley an american classic that everyone should read.

wonderful job. you’ll get an A on this project for sure.

Scarlet Letter is probably one of the worst books of all times. I hated this book so much (yes I had to read it for school too)
I like your pic though (xcept for the letter)

I just finished the book for school. I mean, today. I absolutely hated it. Not just the story, the writing style. Everybody says he is one of the greatest writer’s of all time. I agree that he is an excellent writer, very intelligent. But there is absolutley no reason(in my opinion) to go into THAT much detail. He’ll start a sentence like (not really in the book): “George, wearing a scarf knitted by his mother who was shot in the city of Johnstown, one of America’s first settlements, settled by Englishmen, one of whom by the name of John Smith, who, in legend, fell in love with Native American Pocahontas(this was proved to be false), walked down the lane.” It would have been much easier to write and read if he just would have sed, “George walked down the lane.”

I’m sorry I just started rambling on and I couldn’t stop. I’ll delete this post if you want me to. But as for the image, it looks great. Is this supposed to be the scaffold in the market place?

yea the scaffold in the market place, but I kinda put it in a row of houses instead… (the shops are behind the camera… hehe)