Scarlet Macaw

I gave up on this project a while ago, but recently forced myself to finish it.

I hope you like it.


I think you did a good job.
The main issue is that the whole scene is too much clean and in particular the environment around the subject.

It’s very nice and a good thing you came back to complete this artwork.

I also agree with marcatore that the scene looks very clean.

Nice modeling job! Don’t give up!

Wondered what happened to this, would have been a shame not to finish it.

IMO, stunning job all round.

5 Stars from me. :wink:

Really nice job! Glad you finished and shared it! :slight_smile:

Just some noise and air particles and it will be great. As an example I searched air particles on google and added it to the image

I love it! The only thing I regret about it that you didn’t stick to the concept of bioluminescence as it was very promising in your WIP thread. Why would you? Technical difficulties?

Thanks for the comments everyone! :slight_smile: (and sorry for the thread bump)

@bigbad I like the air particles you added, it definitely addresses what marcatore and unyxium were saying about the render looking too clean. I kind of regret not adding some air particles myself, but it wasn’t something I saw in any of my reference photos, so I skipped it. Lesson learned for future projects, I guess :slight_smile:

@Scoped The problem with bioluminescence is that without night time lighting, it’s really difficult to convey that something is glowing (even if it’s in shadow). The problem with night time lighting is that it drains the color out of everything. Every night-time lighting setup I tried looked very underwhelming. Then I tried a daytime hdri and just couldn’t say no to all of the vibrant colors I was getting. In the end, the pretty colors were more important to me than the bioluminescent idea.

You’ve created a REAL macaw! I like the crystal turtle too.

this is one of my favorite work here!

Great job!

Animation, Animation, Animation. Great model, just a thought, but would love to see it animated.

Stunning model bro! damn, how did you learn to do this kind of stuff, is it from the Pierlo tut by kent trammell?

Perhaps add a small touch of anisotropy to the feathers, will give that extra reflection i think.


Great image and cycle render is also great

my favorite bird

Nice work! And now teach the parrot how to talk :slight_smile:

I especially like the leaves. I’m curious if they are simple planes or with added thickness, textured or procedural…

have a nice day,

Hey Jeeps, so glad to see this wrapped up! I loved the wip thread you had for this.
Looks epic if you ask me :slight_smile:
Congrats. Looking forward to the next one!

Congrats! An excellent model and render! Did you individually placed the feathers?

I like the birds. This too