Scarlet Squirrel Girl +Cell Shade Filter

(maxwildcat) #21

nice … i like 5C4RL37 … always wanted to make Pjackson a tribute…
his work is awesome and i think he’s a maniac he just posts stuff all the time… (drawing addict?) :stuck_out_tongue:
yes …
i have to agree with everyone that the hair isn’t what it should be …(should look more like a mass with strands coming out … not just strands… the squid joke has some truth in it)
i personally wouldn’t be satisfied with the ears as well … (not sunk enough in hair, too well shaped they should be non similar and non symmetrical almost triangular, the bright color should fill almost the entire interior of the ears… )
and the pupils should be a bit bigger … gives her that innocent look
i could also say the tail should be fluffier longer and more lobed, the mouth more :3
(less human …), the fingers a little thinner and taller… but that would border on nagging …
and i’m just trying to make an awesome tribute better :stuck_out_tongue:

(ThatSoundAgain) #22

I think it’s because traditional mainstream “funny animals” - Mickey Mouse etc. are generally seen as a) kids’ culture and b) animals.

As soon as you make an image of a sexy anthro character, people who have mainly those associations will see it as a) sexualising something that’s “for children” or b) showing a sexually attractive animal. Both are irksome concepts, with good reason.

Note that I personally have no problem with sexy anthro art, or anthro comics taking on more adult or complex themes in general. I think it can work well with the premise that every character is an animal version of a human. Makes for interesting and fun narrative and graphical possibilities.

The above is an attempt at an explanation, not a condemnation of your work here.

Nice clean model, BTW.

(ThatSoundAgain) #23

Sorry if I killed your thread…

(ristesekuloski) #24

Great model and amazing node work on the cell shader! I have tried to import some of my models into your node setup and they look nothing short of amazing!

btw: I looked at your stuff at deviantart: inspiring!

(harveen) #25

Blend file link is no longer working, so I’ll try to re-attach here.

This is MCHammond’s file from the original post.

(mcbeth) #26

been playin with this an really like it my only problem is it doesn’t seem to handle shadows very well, I’m trying to produce a darker, gritty and shadowy kind of look, but areas that are suppose to be dark and shadowy are barely that, I am not really familiar with nodes and was wonder if and how this can be adjusted to play better with shadows and dark environments.

(ahrimanes) #27

sorry to bring back this topic… but the cellshadinf filter link is dead… doea any one can sahare this again ?..

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(psnake89) #34

Very impressive

(missionOverhaul) #35

I’m really impressed by the cell shade quality. Looks great

(Coobas) #36

The shading looks perfect. Especially the fur on the tail is nice. Brings back memories of old Warner Bross cartoons :wink: Good job!

(hash) #37

this is very good

(zahori) #38

Excuse me !!! This is a very cool proyect u did, i am very interested in doing more toon like models, is theyre by any chance u could help out whit a little explanation…
I would be very glad to see this works in detail :smiley:
Thanx for your time .

OMG this is from 2008? hehe

(pirohmaniac) #39

Interesting geometry there for her shoulders, back, and butt. I think Ima have to steal it.
Love the squirrel btw but the rig seems to be broken in 2.62. Going to fit my fox rig to her later :eyebrowlift:

(fntsy) #40

nice one, how about another one with a black dress?