Scarlet Squirrel Girl +Cell Shade Filter

(madkons) #61

Looks like a naughty squirrel…
Great work and greater shading!

(DragonoidSlayer) #62

Very nice model. It is vastly different from most of the other models in the Gallery, simply because it is a style most do not take. Although, I am not sure where I stand on furries… Regardless, very nice and unique.

(Albee) #63

Really impressive “3D for 2D”! Great work bringing a 2D character to life in 3D, and great work on the cel-shading!

(arklight) #64

I love it, the fur looks nice how it is rendered, I really though it was a draw in the Thumbnails, you have more anthro works?

(arklight) #65

Sorry for the double post but can you tell me how much hours approximately it takes to complete a model like this?

(Nataniel Clark) #66

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