Scarlett Johanson 3D WIP

A model i made these past few days…
these are some renders to test the specularity and the skin overall,still wip :wink:
=>Scarlett 3D Model - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by George Siskas (@geosis093) [60ca91b] - Sketchfab Store
Modeling and Rendering in Blender 2.80.
Textures made in zbrush and Photoshop.
Sculpting in Zbrush.


You’ve done a Fantastic Job for the Blender Community, Show that the Possibilities of Blender are limitless, infinite and awesome. Thank you for showcasing your amazing artwork.

I would definitely love to work with you in the future if I ever had a chance.

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This is great George! The likeness is spot on.

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thank you much appreciated!

really really appreciate it mate!

Wow … Awesome

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Thank you!

Cool sculpt, but frankly looks nothing like the actress.

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still wip :wink:

Great work! Although, she looks a little old. I think it has to do with the lower part of the face. The forms of the mouth area could be more subtle I think, and maybe the chin is a little too big? Maybe the issue is something else, but I hope you can figure it out. All the best!

Thank you!!! I really couldn’t bring myself to be the first one to say it. Yes, it is very much a high-quality model of a (arguably much less attractive) human woman, and both the modeling and texturing are very detailed and look pretty professional… but, sadly, those renders look absolutely nothing like ScarJo, in my most humble opinion.

Keep at it George! You’ll get there eventually!

I’ll get there, thanks!

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Will try to improve likeness, thanks!