Scarlett Spiderman

Scarlett Spiderman WIP

Just kinda a test atm. I’m really trying to learn how to make good looking muscles and form on a character, I picked Spiderman because I figured he would be a perfect test subject. The Scarlett Spiderman is a good choice because everyone does the default.

Wanna know what you guys think about my models proportions, and stuff.

Well, I guess this is a sculpt, right? :yebrowlift:

I’d say: In male characters, the shapes are more square-like… the knees & the belly are too thin, the pelvis too wide & the pectorals are too rounded &… large (they almost look like boobies in the 1st pic XD)…

Just my thoughts ;)…

I also found this “blueprints” page. Has some good references for “superheroic” characters XD…

The proportions are WAY off, even for a cartoon/comic character. You should try using a reference picture for better proportions. His calves are enourmous.

I think its somewhat better. Keep the crits coming guys, I’m really trying to master proportions.

His torso looks long, while his legs look a bit short. Here’s a reference off of Google images-

i would say he needs his upper body to be more v shaped . i would just make the abs one shape because scarlett spiderman has a hoodie. the back of the legs look flabby. the hamstring looks a little small(just a little). his deltoids and biceps need to bigger. the forearms and the hands need a little work. the legs need shortening. make the chest a bit. if you want to master proportions. try burne hogarth and loomis proportions(look in the resources in the traditional section). try using bruce lee as additional reference.

I just noticed that the hands & feet are a bit too small…

Be sure to watch that reference closely :wink: