Just a head that I am working on. Still in the dark as to how to do the hair.


Looks pretty good, lips are a bit puffy, eyebrows dont wrap around her brow the right way. But stellar beginnings.

Hhehhheh, I sooo want the blend file for this :wink:

Just a little update:

Hey, great job man.
How did you get such a nice texture on the skin?
What shaders?
Any render tricks?

I’m just using a few composite nodes and three UV textures. Blender internal. I’m really not familiar with hair, so that’s holding me up. I’m experimenting though.

Cleaned up the texture a bit and started laying down where the hair should go.

And here is the UV Texture for the face so far.

Playing around with the particle system now. Just trying to match color. Going to worry about composition, position, and accurate strands next.

Well my friend, I have exactly the same problem.
Hair suposably can be controlled by bezier curves, and ading or reducing its influence area, resulting in ver un expected results, such as convining severear curves, and noticeing that hair actually goes through the nose or a bunch of un expected behaveors.
Now, after all, I trying to undestand the helmet hair, since I descovered that you could set the alpha of a matrial to 0 and map it to collor so you actually see only shocks of hair.
Have you tried it?
I mean costructing some meshes independent form the head, shock shaped, an then texturing them as a map to color?
Let me serch my external hard drive and in next post, I’ll ad a picture.
By the way how did you textured, I usually use the some monochrome noise filter on a basic collor in photoshop, so I have no hair ends, its all flat, thats what i’m tring to achive now.

Just a quick update.