Scarry thing-messn' with sculpting in 2 PROGRAMS

hey, i made similar models in 2 programs, blender, of course, and zbrush2, commercial software.
here is the blender version:

and here is the zbrush2 version:
Whacha’ think?

(both took me roughly the same amount of time)

Well I know that the monitor I’m currently on is dark ,but all I can see of the first one are hints of form and of course the eyes.

The second one looks good (I must admit, blender has not quite caught up to Zbrush yet)…

Try lighting them similarly so comparison is easier.

yea i tried that but the blender version looks like poop with that lighting. it looks much better like this, trust me. I know it is a bit 2 dark but this was just kinda a 10 minute thing i was playing around with so i dont care 2 much about it =)

It’s not a bit too dark. It’s impossible to see on a color calibrated Silicon Graphics CRT monitor. Adjust your lighting, dude :slight_smile:

I see them both fine. I would have to say the blender one is better. However, that’s because you didn’t do as much texturing on zbrush.

yea i just got zbrush and havent really figured out much yet =)