scars from another dimension

I was inspired by sonix.
Just some abstract art :stuck_out_tongue:

great work has a cartoony edge to it i love the second one

yeh thats cool, the first one reminds me of Akira

That is just awsome art… Im working on a webdesign (im webdesigner) and ur art just fits very nice in the design. If i may i would like to use ur art. I will need a bigger version if im going to use it, my mail is [email protected]

I see (if you count the mirroring of the image) at least 9 creatures from a technologically superior civilization in there.

Aidan: Yea, I used some rampshaders to get the more cartoon colors. Thanks

BumGravy: Thanks, But I don’t know what Akira is?

Bear: I mailed you them now, I hope 2048x1536 will do it?

rpreller: And I don’t see any creatures at all, why couldn’t it be abstract just because it’s some mirroring in there?