Scary couple

Hi there, here is my latest work all done in Blender. Inspired by 2 images that I found on the net. For the girl character’s hair I used the excellent Aneesh art tutorial. I know that hair can’t be well seen because of the light and the ambiance but it’s the first time that I’m pretty happy with the result.
Hope you’ll like the atmosphere. Cheers.


Looks pretty good. I think you could push both the creep factor and the visibility with some rim lighting. I wouldn’t go full on back lighting because I think that depth of kinda infinite darkness is part of the appeal but you could stage some lights 3/4 behind the models and get a little more oomf out of the silhouette. I would keep that cool moonlight temperature like you have for the overhead as well.

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Thank you for your advice Thornton Strolia. Yeah I think I’ll give it a try to your idea. But it’s vert difficult for me to offer both visibility and creepy dark mood. We’ll see :smile::smile:

Thats why I am suggesting adding a rim-light. It will paint a silhouette around the 2 figures giving them a strong shadow and still offering visibility. With good rim lighting you could even tone down the overhead lamp and it would probably light fine.

Thanks again ThorntonStrolia for your explanations. I tried different options but I haven’t managed to get a rim-light very convincing. I tried with a point lamp and with a emission’s shader plane but it was lighting the back of the image so I took an opion on 2 spots and I deleted one volumetric cube. I don’t know if it’s better :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I join the image :