Scary Dinosaur

I made this dinosaur with Wings 3D and exported it to Blender (ObjIO), where I rigged it really badly and textured it. What do you think? How can I fix the weights? I have no idea where to begin with that. When I deform with the bones, it is very jagged and stuff.

I like this render, although I think I screwed up the bump map (I think its inverted, and I’ll try it normal). I used an orco map, and it works really nicely.

This is the terrible deformation. The weighting is screwed up, and I don’t know where to begin fixing it:

Please, if you know how weights work… help me out.

Also, I am thinking I might want to rig and weight the model in Art Of Illusion, then export the rigged model to blender for sequencing. Is this possible?

Ahahahahahaha. That is the funniest looking dinosaur ever. I love it.

I found this tutorial page to be quite helpful :

Hope this helps you out to.

:-? Why so funny? :slight_smile: My goal is to make it scary… for real. Any ideas?

Thanks for the tutorial Skinny72!

I found this tutorial page to be quite helpful :

Hope this helps you out to.[/quote]

Wow this was very helpful!

If you want to make it realistic then the head is much too large, and the arms look… strange. Modelling needs a lot of work overall, really. Texturing looks very very nice though !
Can’t help with weighting, sorry.

Like he said, to make it actually scary, make it more reasonable proportions. Also, all mean dinosaurs have a scoul on their face. :x That’s why the T-Rex and Raptors are so scary in Jurrasic Park, and, IMO, the Spinosaurus in III wasn’t.

Also, did you do UV textures, or ORCO textures on him?

ORCO mapped it; and I think the proportions match the reference image (which, yes, is slightly goofy, but yes, realistic, yes).

Well, OK, maybe I have strayed from the reference since I exported it from Wings, but I think its pretty close proportions-wise.

i love this work. actually going to give a dinosaur a try my self, and actually a t-rex.
no offense to you but i would keep the dino exactly the way it is. now this is the part were i mean no offense. to me it looks like a stuffed doll, the kind you find in the musem shops. and the texture you have on it is exactly like the felt or suade they put on those dolls.
so here is my suggestion, do a really cool childerens bed with some nice sheets and wall paper and put this thing on the bed and you will look like a freaking geinius.
i really mean no offense i love this work but the textures and the proportion situation really leave it looking like a very cool looking doll. so i say fu** trying to make it look like the real thing and go with the doll idea full force, it works!!

The eye is too big, makes it cuter. Give it a smaller eye, inset it slightly and detail it just a little more. Should look better after that.

If you want to make it scarier, make a bigger body or a smaller head.

Nice textures :wink:


i would give him just a little bit of specularity. also he could use a bump map. cool texture though. it’s hard to say what the problem with the rigging is without seeing the rig. maybe put up some pics of the armature.

The textures are not that bad! Did you intend it to have this shape or did it come out like that ? This smells like the dino-tut of env…

Thanks for all the advice so far! I meant to have the proportions like that (they line up very well against the reference.) I think the head problem is that the head is too connected to the neck, and there is no definition there. I actually meant to make the head look small, but when you make it, it’s hard to pay attention to that (I just kind of overlook details because when I look at the picture, I see it as how I want it to be, instead of what it is, if that makes sense). The textures need some work, and specularity, as was said before.


  • I am not using any lights (world lighting/ambient occl.); do I need to add a light source in order to get specularity?
  • How can I make my details come out more with ambient occlusion on? It seems like I can’t get any defined shadows out of the ambient occlusion system. (like the physical mesh detail; the caves in the skull, the muscles)
  • I have IK ‘on,’ but how do I make it actually work? All the bones have IK enabled, but everything is just FK

Thanks everyone!

As for specularity yes, I do believe you need a light source to get it.

If you add a spotlight you should get crisper shadows, and less of the AO look.

I don’t know about the Ik’s, since I don’t wind up rigging most of my models.

Good job so far.

I have to agree with Wu here. My first thought was, oh how cute, just like the little T-Rex from Toy Story! Must be the big head and those tiny short arms. Don’t get me wrong now, I absolutely love it! 8)

it’s also because the lack of specularity is causing it to look like fabric, so it gives the impression of a stuffed animal, which i guess you would not want if youre going fo feirce.

dude… love the little guy… its awesome. He looks like a little midget dinosaur. its great!!!

er…that is what you were going for right?