Scary images - learnin' to draw

All of these images are from the book “Scared!” by Steve Miller & Bryan Baugh. I think this is the longest I have ever spent doing any image.

The book is quite good - the authors encourage artists to develop their own style instead of “copying” other artists style. They also state that if we have to do whatever it takes, then copying styles is acceptable.

Long term I want to create Manga type images, so . . . if you can give some pointers on how best to edit the images it would be cool.

And above all, I will have to practice and practice.

Thanks in Advance.


Good starter pieces! Perhaps doing some perspective studies would be fruitful?

Click here for some amazing manga video tutorials.

Looking forward to more stuff.


Thanks for the link fundevi! I’ll be sure to make good use of it once I’m fully in the drawing zone. At the moment I am trying my techniques to see what style would suit me. I use a pencil and a pen to darken the images once I’m reasonable satisfied with something. Note that all I use is what I found on road when exercising and stuff, so I don’t really want to go buy all these flash stuff when I won’t use it.

Meantime another sketch - the guy is called “Jackie” from the same book.

I hope to get started on an original next. Best thing about the book is that my images are really organic - I’m not into futuristic machinery just yet.


This is of some lady waiting at the bus station. Only glanced at her for a few moments - she appeared to be in a hurry so plenty of details is missed. Before you get excited - I think she was off to visit someone in prison . . . her dress, time of day, where she was heading is a giveaway.


look here and

study both.

For 2 months or more , it is better to get the sense of forms,perspective and proportion before you get to make photo real stuff.

Think that professional painters advanced they painting in years …but they started really dummy…

Your drawings looks nice and can be excellent if you…practice from the 2 books listed

I’m also going to step in with my stereotypical Anayo-ism and recommend “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” It’s mandatory for learning to draw.

Thank you so much for your help. I clicked on the links provided and I was quite pleased to find something that is free and of sincere quality, since I am a bit on the high and dry at the moment. I will download the items and study them.

And Anayo, I have come across that book sometime ago - but I was not into drawing in those days. The reminder is well appreciated!

Hey All,

Ok for the first time in my life I took a post seriously and have the book recomended by Anayo in my hand. Now according to this book - I need to draw someone from memory, my own image, and my hand. So here’s the first stage of the exercise. In theory, after three weeks I will be able draw pictures a bit more turbo charged.

I got the book from the library, and will extend the loan longer if I need to.


This a drawing from the lesson in the book. I used a frame, one eye closed and so on.

I got a bit creative when I sketched it, but am I proud or what!


Here’s some real nice tuts on drawing:

Great find Redjay! When I took on this exercise I thought getting into art would be just reading the initial book I plucked from the library, and a rather tedious chore at that too. Now, as I am more into what drawing is about, I will start paying more attention to what is around. Anyways, here is another exercise from the book, according to the stage I am at, the next two weeks will be a real learning experience.


Good starter pieces!

thanks eva____.

Here’s some perspective pieces, according the lesson. I have only a two chapters I interested, then I will be finishing the book. So much to learn and practice!



Can I ask, what are you drawing with and what on?

I always use a handful of B2 pencils that are always kept sharp and a nice soft rubber/eraser

Good work BTW

Hi Skip,

Thanks for asking - I look at your images and wonder how you ever get them so good. I will try to copy one of images too at some stage . . . just to find your style.

I use a HB pencil (unsharpened as you can tell), rubber ( yeah we call them rubbers here haha ha whatever), and then a pen to darken the image so it can be scanned better.

For paper, I use a scrap A4 sheet that is folded in half.

I understand that this is a bit budget (considering that all the material pens, pencil, rubber is what I found on the road on my wanders and paper is what others threw away), but I figure I better see if I have talent before shoplifting (joking - I will buy them) these equipment.

Thanks - I will invest in those material shortly . . . all I needed was some encouragement.

Hey All,

I copied this from a tutorials. I used a sharp HB pencil, then a pen to darken the image.

To be perfectly honest, I was trying to make the pen run out of ink, hence the creativity.

I think I will have to practice on making some “hero” manga type as that’s what I am aim for in the long term.


I don’t have much time to respond/critique so I’ll get straight to the point…please understand that I’m not trying to be mean.

Manga piece (post #16): This looks pretty good, try playing with shading it…especially the eyes. Mark Crilley explains/shows how to shade manga eyes. What is the thing in your character’s hair? Is is a highlight? Darken up the area around it and all of the rest of the hair if it is.

Post #13: It’s really hard to tell when one building starts and another begins…perhaps do very basic color differences between the buildings (i.e. foreground buildings may be lighter than background buildings, brick will look different from stucco etc.). Perhaps use a ruler or a straight edge to get straighter lines (especially on the clock tower).

Post #9: I really like the linework on this piece, it’s my favorite out of all of these I believe (so far).

Perhaps get a decent pencil set. I have a General’s graphite pencil kit with 8 degrees of hardness I believe…it was about $7 at Wallyworld and it’s a good set so far. Maybe you could also do exercises of cubes and cylinders in perspective with vanishing points.

Hope I’m at least kinda helpful.


Yeah, fd, I have the same set and I also have a set of charcoals… and my watercolor pencils! I love them, they’re nifty things!
kbot, you have inspired me (along with RedJay twisting my arm a little;)) to pick them up and start drawing again. I’ll post as soon as I get some of the rust out and draw something that actually looks like something.

@fundevi - thanks for your comments - I was actually considering PM’ing a heavy weight like yourself to get some tips, now I don’t need too. And yes, this evening I will go hunting for a set of good drawing material. All I needed was that tap from someone with your ability in the right direction. No offence taken from your post, in fact I consider it an honour.

@Moon - haha ha missey, your soon to be done sketches has the audience lining up for tickets already, but no pressure . . . I learnt that when you draw, you use the side of your brain that doesn’t acknowledge much but what you see!

Basically I picked the pencil only some months ago, and I understand that I still a while to get where I want to be.

Oh gosh, I’m no pro…I can just relay info from my superiors directly to you :wink:

Mind if I friend ya?