scary influences of video games

This speech was a real eye opener for me on how gaming is becoming more and more integrated in our cultures… the speaker is interesting as well… i’m posting it to see what you guys think of what’s been said…
note: may contain inappropriate language.

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Just another way for the pious to destroy art.

Nothing new. As soon as the few control the masses the artist is the first to suffer.

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Very nice speech.

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The speech was interesting and entertaining. It gives good evidence that something like what he described (maybe a bit less exagerated) could exist in the future, based on consumer trends taking place right now.

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I tried to watch…

Lacks depth, same thing could have being said in 5 minutes

And to me he seems like a redneck posing as a nerd…


Commander Taco you have a keen eye indeed!!!

You can give him a bowl of cheerios with some partially melted marshmellows and he might see something in that too.:spin:

You can give him a bowl of cheerios with some partially melted marshmellows and he might see something in that too

What do you mean “might?”.

You said before that you saw something else when looking at things like baseball bats and obelisks. So I would think you’d see something in what I said.

Never doubt the observation powers of the taco!

this thread

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What an interesting talk, I think I’ll go outside today and get some real reality. Oh wait, it’s still $%#@ing winter.

Wait until Tuesday. It might rain but it’s supposed to be about 40F… practically summer in Buffalo

As for the talk, it was pretty interesting to think about but I think we’re still a little way off from what he’s talking about :smiley: