Scary world

Hi, here is my last creation. I wanted to show danger. Here are a close up and a general view. Innocence against violence. All done in blender and some materials in substance designer. Hope you’ll like it. Cheers.

Reminds me of the scene in Men in Black where Will Smith shots a girl cutout in a shooting scenario. The monster is not scary because you expect to see it in an abandoned house. What the he** is a little boy doing in the middle of it? :slight_smile:

The only crit I have is the boy. When babies sit the are like a bag of fat that gravity pull to the ground. He’s floating here. Also the the overall realism is not convincing for the baby in the scene either.

But everything else is awesome.

Thank you for your feedback Bigbad. I knew that if someone put some comments, the first question would be : “What is this baby doing here ?”. It’s not my first shot, I post now the first one I did, maybe you’ll find it better ? For the baby, I wanted some danger and I thought that it would be cool to put him here, even if I knew that it would be a little weird. I agree with your critics about gravity except in one case (to my opinion) : when the baby is excited and moves his arms from bottom to top. It’s one of this situation I tried to show, but it is clear that it’s not well done, because you made the criticism. I’m actually working on a scene with the baby in a most natural (and safe) environment. Cheers.

I like the second shot better, specially the composition and spacial effect with the spiral staircase is looking really good. - You could put the child up on the balcony, looking down through the railing observing the zombie. Which would also composition wise work really nice, connecting the monster and the kid visually by the flow of the staircase.

The monster would look very frightening to me if it was just starting to walk up the stairs. If it was kind of silhouetted on that window with it’s hand on the railing it would look very eery to me.

Thanks for your propositions DM9 and beau11. I will may try your two ways of seeing this scene. But I’m on an other project for now. I’ll come back after. Thank you again !!!

Nice framing. Contrast and lighting could be more balanced, image is quite dark and hard to look at. Anyway, it’s a decent render.

Thank you for your opinion radek. You’re surely right but I wanted it very dark. I tried some colour balance but they didn’t convince me, so I decided to let it like that… I didn’t take time to come back on this shot for now.