scary zombie dude

(Idgas) #1

Well not sure what to call it, its my guy from “Gates of Hell WIP” just in different place. I guess he got out on good behavior :-? . Tell me what you think

(crazymopho) #2

I like it! Altought sometime about his eyes make him, well, kinda…“cute”.

How about taking out his eyes, and just show the empty eye sockets :o

(blengine) #3

aw thats freaky! grewat textures and melting effect =) i love zombuie pics

(Bapsis) #4


Great gore textures, and i LOVE where his skull is showing through his rotted bleading flesh!!! :wink:
Now you just have to have him slowly chase some beautiful girl mumbling in a low deep voice “Brainzzzz”!!! :wink:
Beautiful pic, it made me want to put on a Slayer CD hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(valarking) #5

nice! for the eyes, try putting in blank white eyes, with a little blood in them. very intimidating

(Idgas) #6

thanks for the comments all. He had some teeth but looked retarded so i took them out. I’ll try the eye thing valarking

(bmax) #7

cool pic. i like the zombie idea. ive got one thing to add though : the peeling off flesh is kinda unrealistic. it looks strange…somehow.