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In what boundary?

yes but although i am a longtime blender user,i do suffer from multiple tbi.
this kind of landscape design is new to me.
such as,did you use proportional editing for the land plane?
or a custom displacement map?
and what is the map thingy black and white for dispertion of the elements?
that type of thing.please be patient i am not always on top of things.

I have a plan, and want all the particle to stay within the boundary of that plan or face?

I mean, particles won’t appear outside of the plane, because the plane is the emitter?

Follow Blenderguru’s meadow tutorial for that

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Thanks for the help

I’m interested!
simdal (Italy)

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it’s awesome addon !!
can it do something like LOD ?? it will help a lot with rendering , especially for eevee

thanks :slight_smile:

can it do something like LOD ?? it will help a lot with rendering , especially for eevee

i’ll see that for later should be relatively easy to code but well…
lod is really useful for real time game engines, but for rendering it’s not really useful at all.

What if grass got replaced with cards in the distance?

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could lead to huge transparency problems.
rendering all the transparency could take more time than just more geometry

maybe for more simple cases like forests, it could work

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The grass you show in the first post of this topic ist just excellent!
I still don’t understand how you clustered tthe patches

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Thanks :slight_smile:
well witouth the addon it’s quite complex if you are new to blender.
even if you are not, it take a lot of time.
fortunately my addon will make things much more accessible and done within two clicks :angel:

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You’re probably right. I imagine for trees it could work really well.

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I can’t wait…
No, wait, actually we can wait…
Take your time to polish your gem! :wink:


thanks balda

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The point is how to set area on terrain so they remain dynamic.
Vertex weights are pretty damn slow on huge terrains and require geometry pre-processing - a vertex weight modifier based on distance from camera as object.
Maybe a gradient based map could do the trick ?
And none of those will not work in animation context.

gradient based map could do the trick ?

unfortunately the texture editor is too broken :frowning:

Not could, but will. The only way of making stuff faster with LoD wound be:

  • Reduce texture size depending on distance with quantized steps - for example 100% -> 75% -> 50% -> 10%
  • reduce geometry amount with decimate, that should be possible to accomplish but could produce artifacts in geometry - i.e. decimate would have to be material limited, and as of those are particles you can’t really give a modifier to each of them separately, so you would have to limit it in quanited steps like with texture size
  • remove transparency ----> material optimization as in Graswald
  • Add gradient-like density, as in Meadow tutorial, that’s easy to do and shouldn’t be a big deal with current options you have right now

That in another hand could be really handy for optimizing vram. I had an idea for a VRAM manager addon that would analyse and optimize the texture size depending on the object distance from camera, listing all textures and object memory ect …


you should have ended with that on your first comment on the price.

There’s lots of people making a living with 3D work. The fact that Blender is free makes it a lot easier to do so. Everything is subscription these days, so being able to save 1000’s of dollars a year on your 3D application using Blender is great.
And to give some of that money back to the devs who are willing to put in the hours to create amazing addons is worth it.

If you’re a hobbyist, some addons might be worth it too. Any hobby costs money, and not spending some money on ‘silly’ stuff will pay for them as a hobbyist.

So next time when you’re buying that large coffee with all the trimmings at Starbucks, think of the addons you can buy for that :wink: