Scatter 5.1

Great work @BD3D, can v scatter objects using image textures / alpha maps?

It can but only from the addon pref or by replacing by replacing the created procedural texture by another manually.

Anyone here wnow where i can get realistic CC0 vegetation models? i’d like to share’s some training scenes for everyone to learn the addon. but finding good looking free assets are quite dificult… @liell assets generated with speedtrees are free to share ?


Is this valid?
Otherwise what about sketchfab? there’s a lot of CC stuff there ready to download

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unfortunately it’s “personal use only”

You can use the modular tree addon to generate some trees.


nice ! someone up to create one for the demo file ?

I have this tree but it has 741,934 faces, maybe can be difficult of scattering for blender.

also I have this models of grass.

All models are made by me so I don’t have a problem for sharing them.
I can send per twitter all models :smiley:

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Amazing ! Yes how would you wan’t it to share ? i can retweet if you want.
thanks for your help that’s very generous of you.

741,934 faces

no don’t worry i already scattered a whole forest of 1.5 mil tree. and i will do some test with some heavy ass evermotion 5mil poly trees.

Not sure about their licences but check these Xfrog tree samples:

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I will put back the “dual texture” automatic set up tonight.
it’s really handy for big projects. only one procedural noise won’t be enough fro whole forest.

-also added a “if particle is more than xx polys then automatically scatter as bounding box” option. this way be handy for you not crashing your computer

-also added global z vs classic hair distribution.


-added emission /km²


I can’t say anything about speedtree vegetation permits.
But can these trees that are free in the turbosquid be used?

Thanks. no liscence at all. no sign good sign i guess.
but it seems weird that the trees you create from speed trees are not even your own ?

thanks @EntityDesigner the scattering look really nice by the way.


I find it strange too, but take a look at this post from Andrew.


UPDATE 1.06 Proxy implementation is done. (154.7 KB)

you can test the proxy system by yourselves in this little .blend thanks @EntityDesigner for the models.

Quick start guide:
-> have same number of Proxies and highP models in your selection (and terrain as the active object) Hit the main scatter operator and scatter will automatically set up a proxy system for you after the scattering is done. about the main scatter operator: if proxies are detected in the selection batch mode will be de-activated automatically. only collection mode is avaible for the auto-proxies set up.
-> But you can set up a proxy system after a particle system is created anyway.
-> when creating a proxy it’s name need to be “HighPModelName [proxy]”
-> there’s a toggle proxy on/off operator in a new proxy tab and also a “rendered view” listener.

what’s new:
-per km² emission
-particles always parralel to global Z toggle in addon pref
-double texture set up in addon pref
-automatic set particle to bounding boxes if particles polys are more than N number, in addon pref.

Sorry for the quick description. i’ll do a complete PDF + Recorded gifs when the project is over.


:open_mouth: 15000 trees rendering in viewport without problem

Fast update
I can scatter 100,000 trees :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
but only when I deactived show overlays, because the overlays uses a lot of ram when I have a big coun of particles or objects (I try render using overlays and I needed restart my computer xd) So maybe @BD3D can add the option of disable overlays when start interactive rendering.

I think can scatter much more :smiley:


blender don’t Like when we move within the rendered view when the scene isn’t overcrowded with polys, my addon actually take care of that because as soon as you quit te rendered view the proxies are called back and’ the viewport is smooth again.


This option, also when i make a final render the addon not toggle automatically the proxy.

That’s not normal at all… every time ? Could you try on different cases ?

in blender 2.8 it toggle normally, but in 2.81 for a reason it isn´t toggle for final render.
this problem appears in blender 2.8 too.