Scatter 5.1

It will in few weeks

Note that LOD culling is a game engine technique, it is a misconception that this kind of technology is useful in sofwares such as blender :slight_smile: it is bad for performance and will eat more memory.

No you simply need to change the instancing method. :slight_smile:

The rotation problem of the old particle system has been resolved. There’s no need to have a 90d degree rotation anymore, you can apply the rotation to resolve this.

This addon is pretty awesome and gives cool looking results, though I can’t understand every setting :slight_smile:
Isn’t there a proxy system ?

P.S. Blender 3.0 is now using fields system in geometry nodes instead of attributes so what’s gonna happen to the addon ?

Thanks for giving it for free :two_hearts:

I’m going to rework the whole nodetree this month,
Scatter5 official release will be the field system, what you have is a beta version

Isn’t there a proxy system ?


I did created multiple proxy solutions in the past,
there’s Lodify ( that I need to rework for blender 3.0 )
and in Scatter5 there a “Placeholder” system.

Note that this is not really the free version, it’s an open beta :slight_smile: At some point the beta will close, like all beta.
Rest assure a free version will come later, but the settings will be simpler

I own Scatter 4 pro, will I get Scatter 5 upgrade?

I own Scatter 4 pro, will I get Scatter 5 upgrade?

Yeah :slight_smile:


Just got my fingers crossed you will be releasing the floating windows add on at the same time :wink:

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It’s on my todo :slight_smile:
S5 release has priority as i explained

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Don’t forget about this magic gem too! :slight_smile:


That’s was some R&D I did for this upcoming FW update :wink:

Are the biomes from the S4 version compatible with S5?

Nope, it’s another format, i already converted most of them, some TerraScape packages are still on Hold :slight_smile:

with S5

Once released i suppose?
Scatter5 is still in the work hehe

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Have you tested the performance of scattering between particle system setups and geometry nodes setup? I am getting about %20+ faster render times and better viewport speed with the old school hair based instancing. Obviously the particle based setup has alot more limitations.

The only slowdowns I saw is when tweaking sliders and changing values of nodes (therefore Scatter5 properties).

When the calculation has been done & the points are defined it should not change anything. Instancing is instancing, I see no reasons that instancing now should be slower than before. If you think it’s the case please report it to the main geometry node developers.

note that the new field system should be much faster than 2.93 as globals are not constantly written in memory afaik.

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That was my initial thinking too but this issue can be felt when high rest objects (like dense trees) are instanced.

Please send a report to the developers with an example scene, they could potentially fix this during bcon3 :slight_smile:

Here is a video demonstrating the issue. See the FPS difference between GN and Particle system is quite noticable. Both methods use the vertex locations of the plane, so they should have the same number of instances.

I already filed a bug, I thought I would follow up here so others are aware too.

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The viewport navigation is pretty bad too, I did not record a video of it since it is harder to demonstrate it in a video.

Here is the bug report.

Does Scatter4 work in Blender 3.0 as is?

Somehow your camera is causing the geometry node tree to recalculate each frame. Are you using it in the GN tree (even if not connected to anything) or is any other object is tied to the camera?

I had a similar problem when I use material assign node, if I changed the material nodes in any way it would cause the geometry to recalculate as well.