Scatter 5.1

Thanks for the headsup, there are also free samples for each of their packs for those interested.


Why was Scatter 4 removed from Blendermarket?

I guess, they want to avoid people buying an older version… the update should be free I guess.

Hi Turner
Scatter4 is soo to be over, now it’s time for Scatter5 :wink:
You can contact me via message for more info

Are you planning to update the documentation after Scatter 5 is released? I can imagine you are still quite busy with the release at the moment, but it’s nice knowing whether all the info and tutorials will be updated to the release version of Scatter 5 (instead of the Beta) or not.

Yes indeed, I plan to do that next week :slight_smile:

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Will the scattering conform itself to material displacement. I´m currently still using the Scatter 5 Beta and have to use the offset, because the scattered objects dont move with the surface…

I suppose you are talking about displacement shaders?
Shader displacement is known to create limitation (in blender & CG in general),
Best is to use real geometry displacement, it will avoid you a lot of problems, not only in scattering :slight_smile:
The shading environment is not “real” it only exists when rendering

Hi Folks

a Release candidate is coming this friday :slight_smile:


Hey D, I have a feeling that if we created a nice big honkin’ landscape scene with Scatter 4, we will not be able to open and tweak it with Scatter 5, since Scatter 5 is a complete redo of Scatter… Do I have this right pal? We will need to completely rescatter the scene?

I could only do a conversion toward manual mode,
what do you think about that? :thinking:

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I think anything that saves me/us possibly hours of work would be a godsend. Yes, please do what you can bro!

Note that normally, Scatter4 and Scatter5 can be installed on a same version of blender :slight_smile:

Oh. I did not know that. Can you elaborate on normally?

Can’t wait :star_struck:

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It means that i did not test it yet :slight_smile:

Can’t wait :star_struck:

Me too!

Release it now! :smiley: :smiley:


By all means, please test it and let us know.

If I remember correctly, you are an artist as well who does (or did) archviz for commercial clients. I’m sure you have had clients (at least occasionally) wanting changes to imagery, sometimes many months later, as many of us undoubtedly have. Oh, my clients absolutely loooove doing this. Anything you can do going forward to help ensure folks can edit older Scattered gigs would be a plus indeed. Fortunately, I have only a couple smaller scenes I have done thus far with Scatter… though I am getting ready to start a commercial gig that calls for 5 or 6 new images, and all will be made using Scatter 5. ; - )

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Of course !

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great to hear!
i have some older Projects done with scatter4,so i guess i have to keep version4 for this scenes,
is this the latest version?!

Scatter4.1 Pro (2.80-2.93)