Scatter 5.2

Hello, are the Vertical Scapes Biomes already fixed in 5.3?

Yes they will :slight_smile:

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Hey folks
did we mention Scatter5 is currently 25% OFF ? :eyes:

We also have some good news, it looks like Scatter5.3 will thoroughly incorporate a “multi-emitter” option into the pipeline! We’re hard at work on the task


Hey folks,
i did a tutorial on how you can create & share your own biomes in S5
it willl be public tomorrow, let me know if you have some feedback about the video :slight_smile:



Hi @BD3D

I just saw it is crystal clear!
IMHO if you will collect more tutos like this I would do it shorter, like you have 1 minute intro that I would take out, but just my impresion, otherwise super clear and useful.


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Hello Dorian,
I cant edit multiple layers by using the ALT key and I dont know why?
It used to work this way but since I installed 5.2 a few days ago it seems like it has no influence anymore.
I activate the layers I want to change, click on “camera optimization” for example but only one layer changes.
Did you somehow change the system and I have to hold another button?

Hope you can help me because changing 7 layers one by one is a bit tedious :wink:

Best regards,


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Check if you have this disable.

It did hapen to me the other day and it was me that by accident I disable it.

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Hi, the alt option might become disabled after a potential bug, did you had any ? if so don’t hesitate to report it !

Note that this ALT issue will be fixed in the future Scatter5.3 release

Let us know if toggling the option as shown in the screenshot above fixed it

Thanks for the quick response.

Still doesnt work for me. Everything else seems to work fine.
Do you have a seperate site where I can report a bug or just by this comment?

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Hi @Schmidtli

You can try to type C.scene.scatter5.factory_event_listening_allow = True In the python console editor

If it does not work you can contact me on the blendermarket and I’ll fix the blend file manually. As I said this is a rare bug that will soon be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

does anyone know how to change scattered objects (instances) into real objects?

You can export the scatter objects as blender instances in the export panel

Thanks a lot!

One more question;) Is there any way to keep scattered objects (instances) after exporting? It says that it always merge selected system. I tried to duplicate it but it does not duplicate scattered instatnces. Only an emitter and a base object can be duplicated.

Yes when exporting it asks you if you want to keep the scatter systems or remove them

I found where it is stored but it took a while;)

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its not that urgent so dont worry. I can wait for 5.3 but thank you very much nevertheless.


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