Scatter 5.3 please Help!

I’ve just instaled Geo-Scatter 5.3 in Blender 3.4. i was wondering, why I don’t found any assets or library-content in it. why I can’t found anything, that I can use? am I doing something wrong.

I am looking forward for your Help! Thank you!

Welcome :tada:

you might have better luck while looking/posting directly into the original thread of Geo-Scatter :wink: (and as far as i know it … it’s for scattering your assets over your envirnoment…) :

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Hi Mawa,

Geo-Scatter is great for scattering your existing assets or objects but it also comes with a “Biome” feature which will let you quickly add vegetation, rocks, etc… to any selected surface in no time at all.

First select the surface your want your biome to go on (this is your “Emitter”). It’s the first box at the top of the addon. Below is a screenshot of my viewport. Here I’ve selected the “Floor” object to be my emitter. Then select the “Biome Scatter” option and click the “Open Biomes”. You should see a dialog similar to what I have on the left. If not ensure you’re got everything installed correctly. Then click the Biome you want and geo-scatter will start to populate your emitter. For my example I’ve added 2 different Biomes. Then adjust the various “systems” to your liking. Note that I’m not affiliated in any way just a fan.

I’d also suggest looking at the manual and playing around with it as it has a lot of powerful features. You can find the manual here :

I hope this helps get your started.

Cheers and happy blending!