Scatter 5 & Botaniq Material Colors not correct

I began testing Scatter 5 on Dec 23. I really like it, however, I have an issue that I am hoping someone can help me with.

I added two trees from the Botaniq add-on. Trees look great. When I use Scatter 5 to place them on a simple A.N.T. Landscape the color of the tree materials turn light purple. Could be a Scatter 5 issue or a Botaniq issue with the way they setup their materials, but I cannot find any issues.


Any thoughts?

Having the exact same problem using Scatter 5 and Botaniq 6.4 and cannot find any quick fixes. The node groups in the leaf shader don’t work together with Scatter for some reason.

Only remaking the shader without the node groups have worked so far.
If anyone finds a fix that would be appreciated.


It’s linked with botaniq shaders, not Scatter5
This is because botaniq shaders are using object info node with display color information to drive the color of the tree, you can change this by simply changing the color of the scatter system, in your system list.

Note that the Scatter5 thread is here

Hi, I have the same problem. But I don’t understand your solution. Could you please help me out. I would love to combine ScatterT5 with Botaniq.

Botaniq use the display color information of an object to drive the shader, this color information is also the little color icon in your scatter5 system list, you can change the color to change the leaves shader

Thanks for trying to help me. I tried very hard to figure out where the little color icon in my scatter5 system list is. But I can’t figure it out, it just doesn’t work.

I click on Botaniq → “Spawn Assets” and I pick a Tree. I click next on → “Convert to Editable”.
I then switch to Scatter5, the tree still selected. I pick a Scatter preset and click on → “Scatter Object(s)”.

Scatter: 5.1.0
Botaniq: 6.4.4
Blender: 3.1.0

The system list is in “tweaking”>“system list”
This is where all the scattering will appear after any creation operation, because everything is non destructive you are able to make previous systems active and tweak their scattering properties.

The little color you see are the display color of the scatter objects, display colors are used for the solid viewport, you can set the viewport color theme to match object/material/uniform or random color for example

in Botaniq shaders, they use the object info node > display color information to drive the shader. ( I’m not sure why cycles is allowing this behavior, display color should be kept for display purpose IMO, color attribute input node should be used for that purpose, but it appear to be a cycles limitation at the moment )

For more info I strongly suggest to do a quick overview of our online manual :hugs:

So are you saying you currently can’t use Scatter5 with Botaniq?

I checked out the Manual

Could you give me a quick step by step work through how it is possible to use Botaniq with Scatter5, or are you saying it is currently not possible?

I use Blender now for more than 5 years and I know my way around but I just can’t get it to work, any help would be highly appreacheated.

Never said this

-Select botaniq object (make editable)
-use any scatter operator on selection, it will scatter a new system
-system will appear in the tweaking panel, in tweaking/system list adjust the color icon. I believe botaniq want a white display color

For more assistance please contact us on the blendermarket

We also have a tutorial on YouTube, great to understand the workflow basics

Got it! Thanks a lot! I have a very short video. I hope it will be helpful for everyone who encounters this problem. Great support!

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