Scatter Brushing for Blender?

Is there a script like Instanced Brushing or Scatter Brushing for Blender? Because I would really love to have it for scattering objects I have made like plants and tress to put on top of landscapes.

If you want to randomly distribute objects (like plants etc) on a surface, you could use a particle system. Works well.
You can paint density maps to customize the placement.

Ah I see now. Ok now my plants is caught in the middle of the plane, how do I make them rise up?

cought in the middle of the plane? er. i don’t know exactly what you mean.
you could: some basic introductions (blendercookie and -guru have some). with the settings on your own (hair/emitter, normal/tangent values etc.
3. post a blend file so someone can have a look at it.

Make sure the origin of your plant models are at the bottom. I think that’s where they start “growing”

Sam M, that was it. Thanks. Also is there a way you can have this applied to mesh for game engine purposes or is that a no-go? I know I can simply duplicate them in areas I want them to be at, but just say generating them and have them applied to a mesh for the BGE.